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He's Jamal Williams....not Vince Wilfork (and more)

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  • Originally posted by baphamet
    that is very arguable, most people would say fat albert was better than jwall when they were healthy.

    and you would have never made this statement if he was still a chargers player.

    you mean a QB that had the worst running game and a mediocre defense to help him? i can only think of one maybe two other QB's that can lead their team to a 13-3 record considering that.

    scratch that, i can only think of one other QB that has proven he can do that and he just might be the best ever.

    your hilarious homerism and hate for rivers still makes me laugh, you need to post more in smack!
    I think that you and Rivers need to get a room. That is, if you haven't already


    • Originally posted by jdubv724
      Yeah because AJ has never been wrong when he decided to let a player walk away. Do you remember two fellas by the name of Brees and Turner?
      Don't even pretend like you understood those two decisions from a player personnel standpoint. You're simply using hindsight 20/20.


      • Originally posted by BroncoPower
        Actually we have more drafted players on our roster then SD. I know that doesn't always equal success but it is a fact.
        Provide the link for that fact. Denver brought in 25 FAs last year alone. San Diego has brought in 10 since 2006. The math doesn't work in your favor junior.


        • Originally posted by Boltheads
          Don't even pretend like you understood those two decisions from a player personnel standpoint. You're simply using hindsight 20/20.
          Ya, you can't pin those on AJ. After all, how could he have known?


          • Projected starters for Den and SD if I'm wrong correct me. I count UDFA's as Draft picks, because teams got them as rookies and they have played for that same team.

            Rivers - Drafted
            Sproles - Drafted
            Hester - Drafted
            Tolbert - UDFA
            VJ - Drafted
            Floyd - UDFA
            Naane - Drafted
            Mcneil - Drafted
            Dielman - UDFA
            Hardwick - Drafted
            Vasquez - Drafted
            Clary - Drafted or Dombrowski UDFA
            Gates - UDFA

            Castillo - Drafted
            Nwagbuo - UDFA
            Jacques Cesaire - UDFA
            Phillips - Drafted
            Siler - Drafted
            Merriman - Drafted
            Cooper - UDFA
            Jammer - Drafted
            Cason - Drafted
            Gregory - UDFA
            Weddle - Drafted
            Ellison - Drafted
            Oliver - Drafted
            Scifres - Drafted
            Kaeding -Drafted.

            LMAO 0 FA's. All drafted by SD or signed as UDFA rookies who never played for any team but SD.


            Hill - FA
            Dawkins - FA
            Champ - Trade
            Goodman - FA
            Mcbean - FA
            Bannan - FA
            Jamal - FA
            Fields - FA
            Vonnie - FA
            Petterson - FA
            Haggan - FA
            Doom - Drafted
            DJ - Drafted
            Ayers - Drafted

            Orton - Trade
            Royal - Draft
            BM - Drafted
            Graham - FA
            Buckhalter - FA
            Larsen - Drafted
            Clady - Drafted
            Harris - Drafted
            Kuper - Drafted
            Lichtensomething - Drafted
            Hamilton - Drafted

            Prater - Drafter
            Mitchberger - FA

            LOL it's not even remotely close. SD is on awhole other level.