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Would the Raiders please get good again!

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    Originally posted by OrangeBlueCrew View Post
    I love that they draft that safety from Ohio in the 2nd round last year, and Kiper just starts laughing cause he had him going as an undrafted free agent.
    You mean the same Mel Kiper that said Ryan Leaf's attitude would be an asset in the NFL and give him a mental advantage over Peyton Manning?

    You mean the same Mel Kiper that said BYU QB John Walsh was a 1/2 round pick and perfect for the West Coast offense. The John Walsh that never played a single down in the NFL?

    That said Matt Hasselbeck was a waste of a pick?

    That said Andre Ware would be an excellent QB?

    That said Akili Smith would be a great NFL player?

    That said Mike Williams would be the best player in his 2005 draft class?

    I love Mel Kiper, he shoud have his own theme song, but his "book" isn't the NFL's bible. And Mitchell's game shold elevate. Darcel McBath isn't that much better at this stage.


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      Kiper is a massive idiot, but that 2nd round pick was still a big reach.