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Chargers LB Phillips narrowly escapes

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    Originally posted by red 19
    Weak smack???
    Are you referencing my post or the shot that Phillips landed on the elderly woman??

    And if I really wanted to get under you SD fans skin, I would just remind you that your hopes lie in the arms of a QB who throws the ball at his linemans feet while trailing in playoff games.
    After all, the truth is what hurts the most...
    You mean our elite playoff winning top 6 winning percentage all time for QB's with atleast 60 starts? Our 3rd highest ranked QB in NFL history in QB rating, 2nd all time for QB's with atleast 4 years starting?? Our top 3 QB??

    Yeah that stings. Imagine what kind of hurt it is to have your teams best QB being a average at best journeyman.


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      If by journeyman, you mean player who is on their second team ever, like Brees... then yeah, I guess Orton's a journeyman.