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How long can the Chiefs hold the divison lead?

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    They can score thanks to a solid running game. They still cant stop the pass or pass themselves but are hard to run against. However, the teams they play arent really the best run stoppers or passing teams.

    The Browns are an average team but they have a weak point of stopping the run W KC

    The 9ers can stop the run easily and are not a bad (average) passing team L KC

    Indy can pass better then anyone but have issues against the run. This game might actually be close but I think Indy can pull through

    Houston can be a good passing team but they exploited Indy's weakness with an amazing run game, and they can hammer the run. L KC

    The Jags can stop the run (not so much the pass) but to be honest Garrards arm does not impress me he isnt going to be a huge passer and really the Broncos stupidity on D (Vickerson and McBean) was what cost us the game W KC

    Yeah the Bills are a joke W KC

    Raiders wont be able to stop the run or be able to play the vertical game against the chiefs W KC x2

    Denver has the ability to spread the field offensively and pass it out but I doubt they have the ability to stop the run could go either way

    The Chargers can pass well but cant stop the run I actually might think they could beat them again

    Arizona rules this match up they still have a passing game and can punish runners L KC

    The Sehawks dont have the offense but can stop the run and can punish KC but it might be another toss up

    The rams can strike the Chiefs but cant stop them so easily on the run I think this game can go either way.

    The titans cant pass all that well and they cant stop the run much either. W KC

    In my opinion they will probably go 6-10 which will probably be near where the broncos will be. They may win a few toss ups but I am not holding my breath. They will probably lose the next 3 games.
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