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California is starting a bakery in SD

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    Originally posted by broncoFan! View Post
    Not really considering how people like Boltheads and ROD treated Ryan Matthews like the next coming of Ladanian Tomlinson.
    First of all, neither of us compared him to LT. We said (or at least I did) that his was a missing piece to the puzzle and would improve our rush game from 31st in the league.

    I also said he would rush for more yards than NoShow Moreno did he rookie season. I mean, I'm not doing backflips after one game, but it was pooring down rain and the pass:run ratio got of hand when we fell behind....and he still rushed for 75 yards.

    In Denver, Moreno still hasn't had a 100 yard, they keep bringing in RBs to help the team pick up his slack.
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      Originally posted by Freyaka View Post
      No see the difference is the chefs just flat out suck....
      Actually, they are an improved team....from the one that dropped 44 points and rushed for 300 your place!!