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At Least the Broncos Didn't Lose to the Rams

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    Originally posted by baphamet View Post
    you took what i said out of context on purpose in order to troll me. you know damn well i wasn't trophy polishing, i also explained why you were wrong.

    the moment i start bragging to another fan about how my fav team has trophies from their past to justify why they suck now or to act like they are better than their team is now because of it, then you can call me out.

    i am allowed to correct someone when they say my huskers are a bad program without you acting like i am trophy polishing.

    again, if someone was to say the broncos are a bad franchise, is it trophy polishing to correct them by mentioning your two SB victories?

    umm no, it definitely is not. that is exactly what i did. i get so sick and tired of you and others always trying to pin me in somne lame contradiction in almost every thread when you are always wrong.

    its annoying as hell and yes it is trolling because you know its BS and you know it gets under my skin, that is why you do it.

    God dude this is truly pathetic. First off, if you're gunna act like you've never attacked a Bronco fan on here for doing exactly what you did, you're a damned LIAR. No I won't go on your stupid ass quote quest either. If you have convinced yourself you don't do that then that's on you.

    Second, if you have that thin of skin, then I might as well give up talking to you. I don't wanna be the guy who sends your emotions spinning out of control. If you can't deal with it, then don't worry, I'll lay dead so you can keep your panties untwisted. I know I'm not the only person who sees what I'm seeing so I'll just let them call you on it for me


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      Originally posted by BOLTMAN-1 View Post
      I don't believe in easy wins anymore except against the Broncos
      We'll see come November, buddy! Looking forward to it!