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  • Originally posted by baphamet View Post
    that was a bone head throw but they are few and far between these days.
    True.. But when he throws them they are usually at the worst possible time..


    • Originally posted by broncoFan! View Post
      Learn your Charger and Broncos history. Snake decimated the Chargers 2x and then was benched at 7-4 for Cutler in 2006. Think before you post. I know it's hard for you Charger fans but still.....cmon man lol.
      Originally Posted by broncoFan!

      I'm just going to keep throwing this in there until they realize that Philip Rivers can be beaten and was owned by Jake the Snake!!!
      I know my Broncos history. Your argument deals with Philip Rivers himself. You state that he can be beaten and was owned by Jake Plummer. He played one game in 2005 against the Broncos and he didn't even get the start. Plummer also didn't play the entire game due to having rested to get ready for the playoffs so it was not a true competition really. Although the Broncos did win in the end. Then Rivers only went up against Plummer once more in his career and had a much better performance than Jake did and got the victory. I don't know how this translates to Plummer owning Rivers considering that Rivers is 1-0 in games he has started against Jake and 1-1 if you consider that game that didn't matter at all at the end of 2005.

      I know my Broncos history, I think we may just disagree on the definition of 'owning' someone is.