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    The Broncos are similar to the Chiefs; both lines need repair! A dominant pass rusher and franchise left tackle are required. When there is pressure on the QB, even average DBs look good and when the offense is opening holes, most RBs can gain significant yards.

    What goes up, must come down and visa-versa. Replacing Elway and Davis will take time. Elway made Shanahan a genious just as Brady is making Belichek a genius (I'm not a genius 'cause I can't spell).

    Be patient, there are 31 other teams that are trying the same thing.

    Or, you could do what you did in 1998: use Vaseline on your uniforms and CHEAT to win!



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      Originally posted by 12and4 View Post
      Okay, chargers fans and others.... you guys have an outside perspective on what is going on here in denver lately...

      What do you think we need to do to get back into shape?

      Should we get rid of mcd, should we give him more time?

      Should we trade orton next season, should we bench orton now, should we start tebow now...

      should we blah blah blah...

      what areas do we need to work on? What specifically do we need to work on mechanically?
      It seems to me that your owner won't make the coaching change after this season or even after 2011 depending on how Broncos plays their last 5 games. I don't think Mcd is going anywhere unless the fans stop showing up for the games. That's the reality.

      If Mcd is fired after this season big IF, then your future is certainly depending on how Broncos would like to build their front office model.

      1. Shanahan/Josh Mcd model: (one voice) Too much control on decision making/drafts/coaching/players. This model doesn't seem like working for your guys during Shanahan and Josh. Although Pat said he would like to create a GM and Coach after fired Shanahan but Mcd seemed to have all the GM/Coach decision after all. So stay away from it may be a good idea.

      Bill Cowher is a strong candidate for this model but I'm not sure Broncos wants to go down this path again.

      2. GM/Coach model:

      a) As mentioned earlier, Bill Parcells is another strong candicate and have a very good reputation to rebuild the franchise. He is the one will get your guys back on track.

      b) As JcDavey said, get the young HC, don't be surprise if Leslie Frazier or Ron Rivera is on the list. They both are solid DC coordinator. This will address your D. As of now, your D is too old and injuries for 16 games schedule. Your O ain't bad though.

      Personally, I'd love to see Mcd with Broncos for another 5 years. Since he got here, more negatives news come out of Dove Valley than in the past.

      Sorry - I ramble a little bit...


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        Originally posted by girlzarefanstoo View Post
        What ever you do DO NOT fire McD... please????!!!!!!
        Quoted for truth.

        Quote of the year:


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          The Broncos had one of the best coaches in the NFL who lead them to 2 back-to-back Super Bowl Championships. Now they got this loser who hasn't done anything but run the Broncos head first over Niagra Falls.

          I'm seriously starting to wonder if the Broncos can be fixed at all by anyone so long as Philip Rivers is around to dismantle anything and everything positive that the Broncos try to do.

          Welcome to our world donk fans, this is how it was for a very long time when Elway was your QB. Payback is a beeyotch isn't it?

          Rivers is going to be around for a long long time so you might as well throw in the towel, sit back and watch your sorry ass team get destroyed by Philip Rivers for the rest of his career. If its as long as Elway's career as a starter we still have 11+ years to go of pure and utter domination of this division. LMAO!

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            Originally posted by DenverChiefsFan View Post
            I think Herm's still looking for work...
            One team in the division already made that mistake lol.

            I feel like the D doesnt play with the same passion as they did last year, but insiders say the team still wants to play for him. The truth is only a handful of HC go into the NFL and bring a nn playoff team to the playoffs. Ditka said the other day if you give MCD 3 or 4 years then you will usually see how good of a coach he is. The main problem with McD is he is young and inexperienced soo he is going through an even larger learning curve the most coaches. Most ex-coaches agree that McD made the right personnel decisions. The biggest problem he has though is Bowlen made him incharge of things it took Shanny years to be in charge of. He is to young and inexperience to be incharge of all things football. If we want to keep McD we need to hire someone or even some people to actually take things off his plate. The reason Shanny crumbled was he was given to much responsibility especially when it came to the D. Most HC dont have as much control as McD and Shanny have had and like I said he is to young and inexperienced right now. The best thing McD can do is get out of his own way yes he developed a good offense despite protection issues but he needs to let someone do the same for the and let someone in the FO (the GM) handle the staffing. Xanders and Martindale need to step up into there roles for McD to succeed and McD needs to allow them to.

            Right now Tebow is developing and with McD and McCoy there he is on track to succeed to the best of his ability. Changing personnel now will disrupt his development and could prevent him from succeeding. We cant afford to let McD go for another year at least. Next year we may not even play, and honestly we have been in free fall for 5 years now with aging D. This year was the tipping point for players like Champ and I think teams picked on him a lot this year. Wink never got a shot to shine with injuries to Doom and Ayers so we cannot really assess how bad we are till they come back healthy with everyone else.
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              Originally posted by jcdavey View Post
              personally i think you should take a chance on a new coach ala what jets and falcons have done, hiring a NE coordinator usually isn't a good idea.

              mcdaniels has a good O mind i'd say but i don't think he's HC material

              i'd fire him simply for hiring a known spygate offender who then decided to spit in the face of the nfl and videotape yet another walkthrough

              i believe mcdaniels wasn't complicit in the spying, because he fired the guy right away, but you have to question why he would hire a known offender in the first place, that makes him lose alot of credibility, and calls into question his judgement.

              so yeah i'd try and get a fresh young HC in, and probably try and hire someone like parcells, or god kknows who, as GM/head of operations blah blah blah

              then i'd be concentrating on shoring up the oline and dline, because frankly your offense isn't bad, it's just the lines seem to need alot more talent.

              as for d coordinator, i don't know if wink's the right guy, he may be and just may be needing more talent, i don't know, tough call, but one of these days you've gotta find a DC you can stick with, you're playing musical DCs every damn season.
              Good advice.


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                Originally posted by gorky View Post
                Good advice.
                agreed keeping wink is for the best right now. Still I think we need continuity especially with a young QB. LOL maybe we can demote MCD to O coordinator McCoy back to QB coach and bring in a new HC. Honestly as a O coordinator McD isnt bad. He doesnt make good personnel decisions and he seems to be overwhelmed, so I can see replacing him as a HC, but I think if he wants to succeed and we want him to succeed he needs to relinquish power to others.

                In many peoples opinion what has kept the Raiders from succeeding isnt just the owner and his horrible control but his firing of coach after coach. Tom Cable was given 3 years in the NFL and has improved the team after many thought he had caused them to take a nose dive. Now they are in contention again We cant afford to play musical chairs wth any coach. If McD isnt our future he can lay the foundation for a future coach. In history teams take longer to rebuild when they go through coaches fast. Give McD another year or even 2 (It generally takes 3 or 4 years to rebuild). After that get rid of him and let someone take the offense he helped create and improve the D.
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                  Originally posted by DenverChiefsFan View Post
                  I think Herm's still looking for work...
                  i still think Edwards is a good coach, i would take him over MCDimwit for sure.


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                    Hi. I'm Borat. I'd be willing to let you guys call me "Coach Brorat" if you let me be your head coach. I guarantee you I would not do any worse than SmackDaniels did and I would have you in stitches each week.

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