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KC fans "to do list"

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  • KC fans "to do list"

    Ok.... So WHAT does a KC fan have to do before the game sunday?


    #1-Wake up in trailer pausing to thank god for missing THIS trailer park
    #2-Take out tooth and brush same
    #3-Kiss sister good morning
    #4-Jump start '79 Vega station wagon for "BIG GAME SUNDAY!!!!"
    #5-Try to remember IF stadium is in KC Kansas or KC Missouri
    #6-Put on "Tony Gonzalez" jersey to prove " I am a real KC fan"
    #7- Put on "Official Joe Delaney" life vest...just in case
    #8- Go to "Bo Rics" and get "Hair comb over" re-done
    #9- Head out to Aldi's to get "Game spread" of mystery meat
    #10- Pay parking lot attendant 3.00 for "Prime" parking space located IN a Handicapped space.....

    Good luck Cheifs
    Paroled after 8 long years living in Denver

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      I tailgate with a dude that made a cooler out of a kitty litter bucket, lawn mower wheels, and a rope! He "ices" it with snow from his front yard! ahaha! Dude is awesome!!!

      Also, you forgot to add "stock up on Boone's Farm!" Tailgate tradition!
      Suck is NOT a bronco fan.


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        Dude, I love it when people don't take the smack talk too seriously and play along with the jokes!! Nice job, Chief go kiss your girlfriend(aka your 1st cousin), and tell her to get ready for an ass whuppin' on Sunday in Arrowhead..... Make sure she looks purdy for us.....


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          Get out your finest fringe jacket Amigo, lets hope it's a great game!
          Suck is NOT a bronco fan.


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            That's good stuff!...
            "January 25, 1998: The night God answered our prayers


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              He're to a smashing victory by the Denver Broncos

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