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    Originally posted by BGMACN View Post
    If we lost to the bears in the superbowl that would be upsetting, but not as upsetting as not getting to the POs...

    I wouldnt complain one bit after this crazy season..
    losing the Superbowl is much more upsetting than not making the playoffs. If you were a long time Chargers fan( I know they are like unicorns)you would already know this. :doh::2cents:
    Originally posted by baphamet
    are you talking career or right now? because i don't see how you can say manning is top 5 even healthy.dude will never be a top 5 QB again, he is done.


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      I just remember the last time we played the Bears in the regular season, Shanny kicked it to Hester late in the game. That one hurt.

      I would probably like to see the Chargers beat the Bears in the Super Bowl, because one of the things that made me not like Cutler was seeing how easy Rivers could get under his skin.

      I thought what Rivers did was funny.