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Tebow is not a bust like some of you have insisted...

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    Originally posted by BOLTMAN-1 View Post
    I agree. The Broncos need to change everything about their team to suit Tebow's run first, pass second style. Right now Tebow is not suited for the Denver Broncos O line. Luckily for Tebow the Broncos defense is so horrid and Tebow is also horrid on 3rd downs he spends most of his time on the bench.
    He had a QBR of 139 on third down on sunday and ran a TD on 3rd and 23 the week before, you're clearly making stuff up out of blind hate
    Manning Fatigue (noun): The act of being sick as hell of watching a HOF qb take half of forever to decide what to do and just wishing he'd make up his mind.


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      This thread is about Tebow not being a bust.

      While he wasn't amazing with his passing, he got the job done. The number of QB's who have come from behind by 17 points in the second half, is a very small select group.

      It shows his desire and promise all at once. And I for one, think we might have a very special player on our hands. If nothing else, most of you can agree that our QB is unorthodox.

      Tebow, really does have a passion that is contageous. You cannot teach desire. You cannot teach the special traits that Tebow has.

      On the other hand, you can teach a "willing" QB to correct leading a receiver. You can teach him to read a defense. You can teach him to anticipate pressure.
      There are many things that Tebow does wrong, that with his kind of attitude, he will get much better at with practice.

      And to think that Tebow is not going to improve is the real delusion. Look to John Elway's first year no less. I remember all to well, how horrible John was his first season. But I fondly remember how it all ended for him

      And so I say to Broncos fans, lets hope for 17 years of similar results to what John gave us.


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        Originally posted by milehighireland View Post
        He had a QBR of 139 on third down on sunday and ran a TD on 3rd and 23 the week before, you're clearly making stuff up out of blind hate
        Boltman - "Wait, what??? Oh, maybe I should actually watch the games or at least go check out some statistics before I run my mouth. Naw, I am too busy crying about the beating the chargers just took from the bengals."


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          Originally posted by JaysusCutler View Post
          I got an infraction for saying the exact same thing so expect to get a pm from a mod soon
          This is the talking smack section, and I'm sure there was more to your post than just that.



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            Things don't seem to be connecting for you

            Originally posted by BOLTMAN-1 View Post
            Deserve what? Smacking it up with you Bronco fans and making fun of your team and suddenly because we aren't going to make the playoffs or win the division we got what we deserved, is that what you mean?

            Agreed. Tebow has a LONG way to go before he can even sniff Rivers jock.
            Thank you to my grandfather jetrazor for being a veteran of the armed forces!


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              Originally posted by BOLTMAN-1 View Post
              At what point are you going to change your avatar sig to "Tebowholic"?
              Never I am a Broncos fan. When are you going to change yours to HaterNation?
              Originally posted by baphamet
              are you talking career or right now? because i don't see how you can say manning is top 5 even healthy.dude will never be a top 5 QB again, he is done.


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                Originally posted by NFLfan..MLBzzzz View Post
                What happens once he gets blown up on a blidside hit by a 260 lb. LB that he doesnt see???
                Probably slightly less than what would happen to any QB that gets blindsided by a 260 lb. LB. I say slightly less only because he's bigger/stronger than most. I don't get the point you're making.


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                  It took two starts for Tebow to have his first 300 yard passing game.

                  Faster than Cutler, Rivers, Brees, Rodgers, Flacco, Ryan, (heck, basically everybody I can think of other than Peyton Manning) and a lot of those guys (Rodgers, Brees, Rivers) rode the bench and learned for a couple years.

                  Everybody that was dogging on Tebow needs to man up and give him some props. You guys were saying he doesn't know how to throw a ball, should be playing FB/TE/HB, will never start a game, will never be an effective passer, etc. etc. etc.

                  One game doesn't prove him to be a stud, but he's certainly shown to be better than what all the haters have said thus far.

                  And to answer the "what happens when he gets blindsided" question...

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                  Skip to 1:47 and you'll see Tebow get blindsided by a 6'4 295 pound DE by the name of Antonio Smith, but he still completes the pass to Lloyd, gets up right after the play, and keeps playing like it's nothing.