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Singletary Fired....Please Come To Denver!

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    Originally posted by Jer_ber73 View Post
    Im not talking about the Broncos. Maybe im remembering wrong but I thought he was the D. coord for the Chargers.
    You're right--he was the DC of the Chargers before he took the Cowboys job.
    His final year with the Chargers in '06 the D was good. The other years before that the Chargers' D sucked under Wade.


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      Originally posted by mct1967 View Post
      You want to impress other posters, eh? I write to state opinions backed by facts, not make cyber buddies, but if you're into that...maybe you should get a life. In addition to me, I guess you don't impress the MODs either, since you're on probation.
      Actually me and a few of the mods get along well, see i listed Alastor above.
      I'm on probation for something that happened with another, that one of the mods didn't like and it was against the rules. It was nothing personal.
      I'm not on here to make friends, I made this to talk to Broncos fans about the Broncos, and to share things with others, I son't care how you see it.
      We are off topic so lets it end here.
      Adopted Broncos:


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        Mike Singletary would be a legendary high school football coach. That would be it.