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Denver Broncos are the Laughing Stock of the AFCW

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    I understand it might be frustating for you and hard to accept the situation. I was already unsure about the Chargers' window. I mean, it's nice to reach the playoffs and represent the division, but then you play and -BAM!- you're out. Play next year and -BAM!- you're out. Can't compete in the playoffs. What kind of window was that?

    Then we see AJ Smith drafting the wrong pieces and playing tough instead of giving a contract to his best players. Rivers can only do so much. And now we see the window closed for good. Goodbye, window. The Chargers must restart the process of becoming a playoff team.

    You say "watch out" in 2011 but you don't know what's going to happen. Will they remove the Chiefs from the top of the division? Will Norv Turner remain the head coach? Will AJ Smith start doing a better job?

    So many questions and we don't know the answers. Think about them before laughing.


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      *Eli manning, LaDainian Tomlinson ,Quentin Jammer

      -San Diego's TOP 5 picks from the last 10 years


      -How far you would have to go back to get 3 TOP 5 picks for the broncos

      3in10years < 3in39years

      Your postEpic fail!!!!!
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        I haven't seen a Chargers fan this delusional since ChargersDivision.....speaking of which, Doltman here reminds me of him......irrational, delusional, picking who to respond to..........brothers?


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          We still have a ways to go to reach the same 8 year drought from the playoffs the Chargers had from '96-'03, including 5 seasons with 5 wins or less during that stretch, with a 1-15 in there also.

          We haven't only won 5 games since 1990, and an only 4 game season since 1971.

          In fact your team only got into the playoffs 3 times in 21 seasons from '83-'03

          Your team has posted a 1 win, 4 win, and 5 win season all within the last decade.

          Your Franchise is still the joke of the AFCW. By far. Keep polishing those regular season wins with Rivers, i'm sure they will keep you from crying at night.

          Next week could be the second season in a row a Rookie QB hands you a loss for the last game of your season...


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            You obviously dont know funny, its funnier when a straight man falls or gets a pie in the face.

            Its funnier a team so good that they went 4th overall in offense and 8th in defense and yet they still cant make the playoffs because they just arent good enough. We new we were on the road to no where at least we didnt think weld win the SB because we were 1st in everything only to realize we cant even beat the Bengals without there best receivers.

            Whats worse a bad team doing bad or a good team just embarassing themselves on the road time after time against weaker teams. We met all expectations you well you dissapointed even your critics.
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              Originally posted by BOLTMAN-1 View Post
              Yes folks, as we all predicted, the Denver Broncos lived up to their pathetic ways taking the AFCW basement title this year and losing their HC in the process and will close the season out with a 4-12 record.

              All I can say is LOSERS!!! Pathetic Defense, horrible unreliable QB, washed up players, crappy coaching staff, and the list goes on.

              Looking back at this season Bronco fans will want to forget soon enough all the blunders and mishaps, choke jobs, blowouts, and the like.

              For Bronco fans this has GOT to top the list as one of the worst seasons in recent memory.

              The Broncos have been trying to rebuild since Elway retired and everything, and I mean EVERYTHING has backfired on them. This season the Broncos were supposed to win at the very least 10 games improving just 2 wins over the 2009 season with a winning season for the first time since 2006. The Broncos instead self destructed and went in the exact opposite direction of where they were supposed to be headed. Implosion, Train Wreck, use any set of words you wish that is synonymous with the word "LOSERS".

              Broncos fans as such spineless pushovers, so easy to deceive. They bought into the McDaniels hype that he was supposed to be their saviour and when they went 6-0 out of the gate in 2009 the Broncos fans truly believe their team had finally turned a corner and would take the division. In fact, the entire world thought that the Broncos would win the AFCW with a viable shot at the Super Bowl. Boy did things turn sour that year, and the sour grapes kept right on overflowing into the 2010 season with no end in site.

              Bronco fans again, in their spineless pushover "just tell me something positive about my team and I'll believe it, anything" mentality are at it again, this time with Tim Tebow as if he alone is going to fix all the problems and holes the Broncos have.

              I'm predicting that the Denver Broncos hole is way to deep to climb out and therefore the AFCW basement title will continue belonging to the Broncos for at LEAST the next 5 years, maybe more.
              Over the last 5 years, the Chargers have a longer laundry list of problems than the Broncos do. Want proof? See my thread.