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    Originally posted by MindField View Post
    I just listened to a segment on Sirius NFL radio's the 'Blitz' with Rich Gannon and Adam Schein, and among other things, they talked about the Raiders QB situation, and Rich Gannon said he would prefer Kyle Orton to either Jason Campbell, or the idea of aquiring Donovan McNabb.

    Two callers then subsequesntly suggested Orton would be an upgrade, and when paired with the Raiders rushing attack, could be the QB to get them back to the playoffs.

    Fairly entertaining from my perspective.

    They also expressed their opinion that the Raiders could can Tom Cable in favor of Hue Jackson, as Cable did not hire Jackson, and the two have not gotten along particularly well this season.

    OK, Raiderhonks, we start the bidding at Nhamdi and Richard Seymour, as well as your second round

    The thing of it is on a team like that, he could do well. Ortons best chance of success is to go to a team that has most of the pieces already in place minus a QB.

    I'd prefer orton to go some where outside of the AFC west (or afc in general) so he can't be a thorn in our side for letting him go.