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    Originally posted by baphamet View Post
    that "awesome" fan base of yours is finally going to be put to the test.
    Oh yes! You've been dying for that to happen, haven't ya.. we're the EVIL EMPIRE lol. Can't say I blame ya, you being a dolt and everything. Part of being a dolt is to envy the Broncos. Circle of life I guess.

    Hows life treating you dolts over at the cmb anyway? Hang in there
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      History reminder for you BUB!

      Originally posted by jcdavey View Post
      actually, the raiders and chiefs won their superbowls admirably

      your organization was given a fine and penalty for cheating the salary cap, similar to the fine and penalty the patriots got for videotaping...yet many bronco fans chastised NE's organization for that, making them pretty much hypocrites

      you're welcome (for the history lesson)
      The first sentence of your post is at best absurd! Let's review some Bronco history regarding the 1997 season:

      Regular season: 12-4 (undefeated at home)
      Post season: Wildcard win at home vs Jacksonville Jags 42-17
      AFC Div. playoff win at KC Chiefs 14-10
      AFC Championship win at Pittsburgh Steelers 24-21
      Super Bowl win against the reingning Super Bowl champion
      Green Bay Brett Favre Packers 31-24

      It should be quite obvious even to a simpleton Charger or Raider fan that the above points of history clearly indicates and overwhelmingly meets the requirements of an "ADMIRABLE" Super Bowl win. Tuff getting there and even more tuff winning it against the defending SB champs. Many true NFL fans rank SB32 as one of the greatest Super Bowls ever.

      Admirable is not a strong enough word for what the mighty Orange & Blue accomplished in 1997 and in SB32. How about incredible, astounding, fantastic, astonishing, amazing, etc. Nuff said. :wave:
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