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    Originally posted by Beagle
    lol I am glad you told me why I made the thread and what I was doing when I defended Elis superbowl run. what ever would I do with out you around to stalk errr.. tell me what I was thinking and doing? lol you're comical . I guess we see who thinks the world revolves around his insights and opinions.

    I made the thread to get a responce from the insecure chargers fans(win). I didn't write the article that left Rivers out I simply pointed it out so how i could have implied anything with an article i didn't write is beyond me but apperantly not you! Brilliant deduction watson but No!

    I defended Eli because you were saying he had nothing at all to do with winning a superbowl which is extreemly wrong and you only said it because you hate Eli and his Ring keep it up you make me laugh. :thumb:

    Thats it, nothing more. The fact you read so much more into it says alot about you
    show me where i said he had nothing to do with his SB win. you cant because i never said that.

    did he get carried to that win? absolutely. i don't see how you could argue otherwise. i mean, elway got carried to his first SB win as well yet you don't see me saying he had nothing to do with that win either, do you?

    i even acknowledged that eli played well during his SB run, he just has been average and one of the leagues biggest chokers the rest of the time, along with the fact he got carried by his defense and running game to an NFL championship.

    eli is no more better of a QB from winning that ring than any other positional player on that team.

    he deserves credit for winning the SB but he absolutely was not the most important factor (or even close to it) like a lot of other SB winning QB are like Rodgers and brees for example.

    that giants defense should have been MVP of that game, holding a team to just 14 points that averaged 38 all season?

    while the giants offense barely scored 17? lol again, i don't even see how you can argue that eli didn't get carried to that win.

    so stop trying so hard to troll, you are failing at it. stick to what you do best, which is blindly defending anything that wears a broncos uni like you have done so many times in the past.


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      Here's the deal.

      Bronco fans hate Rivers. There is no denying that and all the many reasons why (and boy do Bronco fans have PLENTY of reasons to hate on Rivers). They love it that Rivers hasn't got his ring yet and Eli has. Bronco fans feel the Chargers got the shorter end of the deal with Rivers because Eli got his ring first as if the Ring alone crowns Eli as an elite QB better than Rivers.

      Spinning this donk logic at another angle...lets say the epic match up between the undefeated Patriots and Giants with Eli Manning took place in the year 1996/97. Lets say Eli was drafted in 1993 and 3 years later he won a SB ring. In this scenario would Giants fans have a right to say "Eli is better than Elway because Eli has a ring and Elway doesn't? I guarantee you Donkeys would vehemently disagree with Giant fans on this very issue yet we clearly see the double standard here when donkey fans compare Rivers to Eli. I believe I just nailed it, donkey fans put their spin on Rivers while ignoring the facts just to spew their utter hate towards the guy. they say love is blind well I say hate is blind to when it comes to donkey fans. They can't think straight when their main motivation towards Rivers is HATE HATE HATE.

      See how ignorant some donks fans are? Put Elway in the same scenario between 1983 and 1996 with no Super Bowl ring. According to donkey logic..prior to 1997 all of these Super Bowl winning quarterbacks were all supposedly better QB's than Elway because Elway in his first 14 years had no ring even after 3 Super Bowl attempts:


      Williams Better than Elway prior to 1997? Simms, Rypien > Elway? LOL.

      Donkey fans please, cut the crap already. Rivers > Eli any day any time. You cannot judge a QB on a lone SB ring.

      Let me ask you this donk fans. Right now, if you could have either QB on your team who would you pick?

      Rivers or Eli?

      Quote of the year:


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        Draft Dose: Evaluating the draft chart

        2004 Chargers-Giants trade

        Chargers get: Philip Rivers(notes) (1, 4) and Nate Kaeding(notes) (3, 65) in ’04; Shawne Merriman(notes) (1, 12) and Jerome Collins(notes) (5, 144) in ’05; Draft chart points: 3,895.2

        Giants get: Eli Manning(notes) (1, 1); Draft chart points: 3,000

        The draft chart indicates that this was a lopsided deal for the Chargers. While we aren't going to call the deal lopsided, it does look like the Chargers got the better of this exchange. Merriman made three Pro Bowls for the Chargers and was the Defensive Rookie of the Year in '05. Kaeding has been the Chargers' placekicker for the past seven years, making the Pro Bowl twice over that span. After studying and watching Drew Brees(notes) for a couple of seasons, Rivers has steadily improved and has thrown for more than 4,000 yards in each of the past three seasons. He has made three Pro Bowls and only playoff success stands in the way of his inclusion in the top tier of quarterbacks in the NFL. Manning has that playoff success, having led the Giants to an improbable Super Bowl XLII victory over the Patriots. That eased the criticism on Manning for a while, but the quarterback has come under fire for his issues with costly interceptions. We are going to agree with the draft value chart and give the Chargers the better end of this deal, even though Manning helped the Giants earn a Super Bowl ring.

        A Giants fan forum discussion has been started on this very article above taken from the 2004 Rivers-Eli Trade here (some good takes and some bad ones)...

        Quote of the year: