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    Originally posted by ledboots1956 View Post
    Only a fool from Broncoland will talk smak on this site. The Donks have suk'd for a long time now. Chill meatheads. Let's win a few meaningful games.

    Oh, and by the way. Phil Rivers is the best QB in the AFCW (and I've been a Bronco fan longer than all of you).

    Get over P-Riv hate.
    You aint a Bronco fan. Why dont you and your ledboots jump into a river somewhere!
    sigpicoh YEAH?


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      Originally posted by BOLTMAN-1 View Post
      Good luck with that. The meatheads won't listen to you. Meatheads will be meatheads and keep on flapping their loose loser lips rather than sticking a donk in it and doing something meaningful before spewing spillage.
      Says a fan of a team who has never, I repeat, NEVER, done anything remotely resembling meaningfull. Way to go, TROLLS!
      sigpicoh YEAH?


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        Originally posted by LSIGRAD09 View Post
        You remind me of RaiderJoe.
        No, that ass clown will make your head literally hurt by trying to read one of his posts! I sed ur hed wil hrt!
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          Originally posted by Axemaster View Post
          I sed ur hed wil hrt!
          That was a very sad rendition of Trader Joe.

          Quote of the year: