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Tebow overrated over hyped.

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    Originally posted by baphamet View Post
    do you honestly expect the broncos to take that approach? seriously, if tebow is doing that poorly and considered the worst QB on the team even behind the un drafted rookie.....i don't think you have to put him out there to come to the conclusion that you will be drafting a real first round QB next year.

    although, i have been saying this for how long now? it is just now starting to sink in.
    No, i don't, i figured Orton would start, and some fair QB competition how Orton gets all the 1's, and no one else gets any.

    Tebow will start whenever Orton gets his usual injury or whenever we fall out of contention. I don't buy he's 4th, he looked decent vs Dallas, and got 2 freaking passes vs Buffalo, real fair eh. And it's a report, not confirmed, wouldn't surprise me if they trade Quinn though to a team who needs a backup.

    While Orton gives us the best chance to win, not like he'll lead us to the SB or playoffs, he's an average QB, nothing more, nothing less.