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Best Franchise as a whole, outside of your favorite team, in the afc west

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  • Best Franchise as a whole, outside of your favorite team, in the afc west

    Outside of your favorite team, what franchise would you pick as being the best franchise as a whole in the division. Not performance related (at least, not this year or recent history), but as a whole.

    I am just curious how everyone feels, and shouldn't really be smack related completely, although you may be inclined to rag on the raiders

    This assessment includes collectively their stadium atmosphere, value, history, legacy, fanbase, etc etc.

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    Should be a fun conversation, and although I picked the chiefs, i may change my mind... it's really close.


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      Raiders have won the most but i like the Chiefs a lot

      Very classy organization imo whereas i have no respect for Oakland or San Diego(soon to be LA)


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        The raiders are by far the worst. The chargers are the best in my opinion despite being underachievers they consistently draft good talent.


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          Yeah, the only reason i chose chiefs over chargers was the fact that the chiefs fanbase is more loyal, and their stadium environment has to be one of the best in the league.

          I'm sure the charger fans would agree that their fellow fans suck ass.


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            Seahawks...Go Zorn!!
            Ravens GM 2016 - Ravens are looking to trade down 4-8 spots


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              Even though I hate them, it's gotta be the Raiders. Not sure how you could justify saying the Chargers


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                Originally posted by Hoserman117 View Post
                Even though I hate them, it's gotta be the Raiders. Not sure how you could justify saying the Chargers
                Al Davis killed it for me with the raiders.

                the past 8 or so years he's ruined the whole raiders franchise.

                now they take pryor with a 3rd round pick??? pathetic.

                Raiders are the worst, although they have the biggest legacy. The stadium isn't the best and the franchise is worthless.

                yes, they have super bowls and used to win... but they've thrown all that away.

                The chargers however have been getting better and better as a franchise, but the fan base just does not care.

                I'm sticking with the chiefs for now.

                Oh and way to go getlynched for failing.


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                  the raiders are the best franchise with the most rings. not going to take fan base into account because IMO it has nothing to do with which franchise is the best.

                  if i did include fan base then Denver would be very close to Oakland, maybe even surpass them depending on how much emphasis you put on fan base.

                  kc has a very good fan base as well but not much better legacy than the chargers really.

                  especially if you include the chargers AFL success and the players and coaches that have been there.
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                    i wanted to say raiders based on their run game, but i gotta go with kc because of the loss of aso


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                      oh crap we're talking about best franchise in the afc west over the course of all time?

                      it's the raiders, no doubt


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                        Originally posted by baphamet View Post
                        ALF success


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                          Turds, by a country mile.

                          Championships, tough guy image, historically a good team every year save for most of the last 10 years and Al Davis practically gave birth to this league. He's a senile old coot now but that dude was sharp back in the day.

                          And everybody, and I mean everybody hates their guts. The Raiders are everybody's rivals.

                          When people are hating, you're doing something right.


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                            Originally posted by kishzilla View Post


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                              Yeah they have the best legacy and history, but recently they have shattered all of that and have been on a downward spiral.

                              IDK, it's hard. They are all pretty close and you can make a valid argument for each one.

                              Chiefs: fanbase, classy, etc, but no legacy
                              Raiders: Wins, fanbase loyalty, but haven't lived up to it in the past 8 or so years and look to be hurting BADLY
                              Chargers: Recent success, have had some great players, but fan base is horrible and the atmosphere at the games is sub par.
                              Broncos: Wins, fanbase, Elway, but have sucked lately and also started off horribly in their first 7-10 seasons..