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Tebow is Better than Rivers

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    I have no dog in this discussion between you Hyde or you Baph but wanted to shed a little light going both directions i feel. First of all Baph I 100% agree tht the defense deserves more props than they are getting. Not only did they keep the Broncos in the game but they also scored 7 of our 17 points. To call the offensive performance anything but awful last night would be a falsehood. 3-13 on 3rd down 5 yard pass play average 3.7 yard run play average. 11 total first downs that is a bad day at the office for any offense so I definitely agree with you there.

    But as Hyde stated the 4-1 record this year does matter and does speak for itself. Is Tebow 100% responsible not by a long shot...but for whatever reason the Broncos are playing better now than when they were and W's are coming to them. Will Tim get too much credit yes but he is a QB that is the nature of the NFL, just like he will get too much blame when they lose. This is not just true here but everywhere in the NFL. (More so here due to the Tim Factor I think) Also for the pro Hyde arguement this was the worst offensive performance by far they had in this Optionesk offense.

    I would say we don't know what Tim is yet or what the offense is yet because we simply don't have enough evidence one way or the other. W's are coming in but the stats aren't great. Wait 6 more games and then we can revisit if it is good or bad or just meh. Just my thought!


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      You forgot to use the ">" in your thread.

      Seriously, are you guys now saying Cutler Tebow > Rivers?


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