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Can Rivers lead the Chargers to a superbowl win in his career?

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  • Can Rivers lead the Chargers to a superbowl win in his career?

    So like the title says, can Rivers lead the Chargers to a superbowl win in his career or will he retire as a (much) lesser Dan Marino?

    Given all the praises he's received over the years from you dolts, how he's an elite quarterback and one of the absolute best in the league, I think this is a fair question to ask.

    State your opinion and let your voice be heard. :thumb:

    Yes - Rivers' arm is stronger than the wrath of Chuck Norris' biceps!
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    i say yes

    but i think it's only if they move out of san diego


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      I want to start by saying Rivers is still a great QB, who is having an off year.

      I don't think he will win a Super Bowl not because of his talents, but because of the declining talent around him.


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        Ingle Martin


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          He won't win a superbowl because he plays for San Diego.


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            He's got 10 more years max to do it. Anything can happen....


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              Donk fans were asking themselves about old horse face eight years into his career too. Then he got a good roster because Denver cheated the cap, bada bing bada boom horse face with a ring.
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                Nordstrom be quiet loser
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                  Originally posted by jcdavey
                  i say yes

                  but i think it's only if they move out of san diego
                  i say yes but only if spanos sells the team and they move out of SD lol


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                    Worse QB's have won Super Bowls.

                    A lot of things will have to happen for it to come to fruition. I don't see them doing it with what they have now. Both personnel, FO, and Coaching-wise.


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                      If they get rid of Norv and AJ, sure, those are the main two problems. Past few drafts for AJ have been bad, and Norv goes without saying.

                      The talent level the past few years has dropped from years past.


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                        I say no, only because the Dead Bolts is one of those teams you hear about every year in sports. You know the team that is just a few more pieces from great? That's the Dead Bolts.

                        Rivers is slumping it up this season, but it still doesn't take way from the fact that he is still one of the best QB's in the league.
                        But his team just isn't good enough overrall, and he is no Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, or Peyton Manning. Meaning, he can't work with nobody's and win championships.

                        Those 4 QB's can make the Chargers wide outs look like pro bowlers, Rivers can't, he doesn't have that ability.

                        When SD gets new and better HC, more talent on defense, and more weapons for Rivers, then yes he can win a super bowl. But it's looking less and less likely. He is only getting older, in the division he is in is getting stronger.

                        The door is slowly closing for Rivers and the Dead Bolts, if it's not already close.
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                          To answer the poll, yes ... on a different team.

                          Defense wins championships


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                            I'm really starting to doubt that he will. His career is far from over but if he was going to do it, he would have done it already. He's played on some pretty stacked San Diego teams and they didn't win it. Not saying it's on Rivers but the window is shutting as time passes.


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                              sure but only if the bolts get

                              1. a HOF rb who can score maybe ....25-30 tds in a season
                              2. a PB TE
                              3. one of the bestest ever offensive minds coaching
                              4. a Great Gm who will be better than any other afc gm
                              5. big fast wrs
                              6.a deep deep roster whom the fans can quip is better than the other afc west 1st strings
                              7. oline with multiple probowlers
                              8. a CB picked in the 1st 5 picks of the first rnd
                              9. probowl punter
                              10. Probowl pass rusher (may have to cheat with steroids)

                              now if they can line up all that...then if rivers ever has a chance to do it he will then
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