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Hey Detroit, That's your QB???

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    After how they disgraced our team, I really can't stand them. The worst franchise in history and they think they got something to brag about.
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      I was also on the "loveable loser" bandwagon as an NFC to cheer for. But, after all the "dirty" crap you see out of Detroit? I can't wait to see them fall back into the cellar for another.... well.. forever, really.
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        Originally posted by baphamet View Post
        your QB and the offense he leads is one of if not the worst in the league since he took over.yeah tebow as a starting QB is a joke at this point.
        Interesting---I thought they were pretty bad BEFORE Tebow took over---some might even go out on a limb and say a little worse, but they might only use the win-loss record as proof, and that might not be a viable arguement.

        But either way, you're right, our offense is not exactly lighting up the league right now and I'm really hoping our defense can continue to keep us in games, until the offense starts doing their share.