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*Sigh*... A non-idiotic Panther fan here...

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  • Originally posted by Beagle View Post
    I find it to be a spot on imitation myself.

    He is the new T.O. "My teamates need to get on my level" is the new "I love me some ME"
    Oh look, another fan who doesn't understand football.


    • Originally posted by #87Birdman View Post
      Hey just so you know we got fans just like him to who do it with Tebow. Me personally I say you can't judge either of these QB's till a few years anyways. Heck both Matt Ryan and Flacco came out hot, but look at them now Flacco has fallen way down the charts and Ryan isn't where everyone thought he would be. The key for both these QB's is how they progress over the next couple of years and that should be fun to watch regardless of who is your QB.
      Cam won't fall off, he is way talented, that kind of talent just doesn't drop off. Tim Tebow will not fall of either, physical freak who will progressively get better.