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    I've seen this movie already... 6 game winning streak... win and your in...


    I hate the broncos.


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      Originally posted by CoryWinget81 View Post
      The Broncos have only beat 1 good team in their stretch.

      Good thing KC isn't a good team.
      Then it should be a pretty even match up.


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        Originally posted by MHSalute View Post
        SD is playing for their jobs. They know a new coach will be coming in, Im guessing they kill Oak.

        We match up with KC pretty well, they do not have the TE/slot WR to kill us. I expect we win next week.
        They don't need any accually. They have Bowe!


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          Originally posted by DenverChiefsFan View Post
          Then it should be a pretty even match up.
          Might not be a good match-up for us. Apparently now we can't play against strong defensive fronts.

          Hooray, beer!


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            Originally posted by MHSalute View Post
            Something about SD always seeming to play lights out in the last regular game.

            KC has a great D, but those are the teams we seem to play well against. If Tebow just throws the same ducks he did last week, I will most likely be watching the Raider game to see who gets in.
            It would be nice to see SD eliminate Oak.
            I would rather see the Donkeys win it than the Raiders.
            Strategy, Denver Wins the division and for sure Elway has to stick with Tebow for at least 1 more season as a starter, Oakland would have pretty much confirmed with no playoffs that they got completely robbed by Cincy and gave away a #1 and #2.


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              I am not scared of Orton. we have a pass rush and he has an incredible abilty to step right into the teeth of a pass rush. :thumb: Romeos defense scares me. Should be a gg. I can't remember the last time we swept the Chiefs so i aint giving us a win by any means but at least it'[s in Denver. Playing the Ciefs at arrowhead in December is never a good thing. ask GreenBay
              Originally posted by baphamet
              are you talking career or right now? because i don't see how you can say manning is top 5 even healthy.dude will never be a top 5 QB again, he is done.