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    As most Bronco fans on here know, I am a Tebow 'hater' in the sense I do not believe he has the skill set of an NFL QB....however, that does not mean there is not blame to go around for the Broncos offensive ineptitude.

    Mike McCoy's playcalling has been flat-out terrible. They say great coaching is putting players in the best position to succeed, but if you watch the Broncos, you can't say that about this offense. The Broncos offense is conservative to a fault. How in the world can you expect Tebow to develop as a passer throwing the ball anywhere from 8 to 18 times a game?

    There is no way you can expect to have any sort of offensive continuity when you do that. I also think it's a major reason for all the drops the receivers have had.

    How did Tebow complete 70% of his passes at Florida, but struggles to hit 50% in the Pro's? Couldn't the Bronco implement some of what he did there to try and help his development?

    As all Bronco know from the Shanahan days, and what we see from the Texans under Kubiak, the roll-outs and bootlegs can be very effective in the NFL, especially with mobile QB's, yet I don't recall the Broncos running a single bootleg all season with Tebow. Screen passes are also a very good, controlled way to complete high percentage passes, yet the Broncos rarely run those.

    There are also high percentage passes you could design with the TE's, yet the TE is strictly a blocker in our offense, and an afterthought in the passing game.

    MIke McCoy's play calling has been terrible, period. The worst thing you can do is to put Tebow in third and long. You have to throw some on first down, and when the Broncos do that, Tebow has had pretty good success...but run it into the line on first and second down, when the other team stacks eight or nine in the box to stop the run, and constantly putting Tebow in 3rd and seven or eight, and that's not putting him in the best position to succeed.

    The Broncos have handcuffed Tebow and are trying to have him manage the game, and I think that is a huge mistake that could bite them on Sunday.

    Where is the no huddle? Tebow is at his best in the 4th quarter when he plays with tempo and urgency...the Broncos could try to generate some of that with some no huddle stuff, but they don't. They come up with some interesting wrinkles in the first couple of series of the game, but after that, there is no creativity to the offense what-so-ever.

    Mike McCoy will probably be fired at season's end, so that will tell you that the organization has questions about him. That's not an excuse for Tebow, as he has clearly shown his limitations, but that does not excuse McCoy....and John Fox for that matter, who has always had the reputation for this kind of crap offensive philosophy.
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