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    Originally posted by baphamet View Post
    congrats on winning the division broncos fans, i talked a lot of crap on you guys not having any hope this year and i was wrong.

    i said it would be 2-3 years minimum before you could chalange for the division, little did i know my team would crap the bed for a second straight year.

    even though you guys didn't win it the way you would have liked, you still won the division and earn bragging rights......for now.

    P.S this isn't me eating crow about my opinions on tebow, my opinions and prediction that he will not be a viable starter in the NFL still stands. :thumb:
    Thanks Baph definitely still hugely concerned with our QB position too. Thanks to the Bolts for crushing the Raiders...I stayed after the Broncos game at mile high to watch the end of that one...have to say i have never cheered for vincent jackson until that reverse! :thumb:


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      Originally posted by ERoyal248 View Post
      I actually like our WR's, we just don't have anyone to pass them the ball much.

      Decker is pretty solid, and Thomas was tied with MEGATRON for most yards in the NFL in December. We need a speedy guy to compliment them and to utilize our TE's more.

      Not sure what happens at the QB spot this offseason, i'll trust what Elway does unless he trades the farm for Luck.
      I would disagree on Decker. Bad hands. I want to like him, but drops way too many. I know Tebow's throws arent perfect, but Decker gets paid too, right?