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    Originally posted by jonathanrivers View Post
    That's fair.
    that's more than fair. Personally I think he's top 10. As there are only about 5 QBs that really separate themselves from the top 50%. After that it's debatable.


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      Originally posted by CarolinaPride View Post
      Can't really take a Bronco fan seriously when it comes to ranking Qbs. Remember when they believed that Tebow was "all that"?

      Also, until Peyton proves he can get back to the way he was prior to missing all of 2011 ..I would definitely rank Rivers above him.
      Name multiple people on this board that believed that Tebow was top QB in the NFL! Also why should we take a Panthers fan seriously when ranking QB's? The best QB you had was Jake Delhomme!

      Also, what has Rivers done in his career that justifies he should be rated higher than Peyton? And dont say "well Peyton didnt play in 2011". Manning is and always has been a top 2-3 QB in the NFL and there is nothing that has been shown so far that would say Manning cant come back to being an elite/top 2-4 QB.