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  • Originally posted by mct1967 View Post
    LOL!!! Only 8 posts and you're already on probation--Hilarious!! That just says your opinions arent worth reading or to be taken seriously. This kind of blind delusion sounds like Boltman in disguise and since you're already on probation, thats proof enough for me. Couldnt stay away, huh? Better be more careful this time or you'll find yourself banned again.
    My bad...I was wrong...Junior B is just a clueless Tebowite.

    "...after taking a 3-15 team without him to a 10-6 playoff team with,..."

    Not even Boltman is as stupid as this guy. Boltman knows at least the correct win/loss numbers.
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    • Rivers is definitely a top 5 quarterback if Manning doesn't return to 90% of his '10 self. That being said, I think he stays around 6 or 7 for the next year or two.