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Why Denver beats Carolina

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  • I am still not a fan of Cam the guy. Going to be honest he is just too full of himself for me to like him. That being said he played a great game yesterday, and as of recently he has been playing much better than he did at the beginning of the year. Would I want him as my future franchise QB? No but that has nothing to do with his physical abilities and everything to do with his about me attitude on the field and his poor decision making when throwing the football. I feel like one of the main reasons he struggled at the beginning of the season was he just doesn't make decisions fast enough and locks on his receiver much like a certain QB did while they were here in Denver...but I digress. If Cam can improve in his reads he will be very dangerous in years to come.


    • Cams offense this season scores 5.6 points in the 4th quarter on average. That is 21st in the league

      His Defense allows 8.2 points per game in the 4th. That is 24th in the league.

      His team may suck but he doesnt necessarily inspire confidence. Luck was on a horrible team that now looks to be going to the Playoffs. All but one of your receivers catch at least 50% of the passes thrown to them, and all but 1 get at least 8 yards per target. So to say his receiving corps is better then many if not most in the NFL. Truth is he hurts the team with his decision making and the INT's hes thrown. You say yest but hes been good in the last 4 games, but hes been good since hes had 0 chance of having a winning season. He has yet to show he can handle the pressure or if he has the maturity to handle the game. The QB position is highly mental and when your your own worst enemy in that category you cant make it as a QB
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