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If the Patriots had one losing season...

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    Originally posted by HavoK471
    I'm a Bronco fan and I'm not from CO does that mean you have no respect for me as a fan?

    Don't jump to conclusions so quickly about people
    Yea I had this arguement with someone awhile back...They tried telling me the only true fans were the ones in the CO area....bull crap! I've been a fan since 95 and haven't looked back since...we've had some crappy seasons and yet I've been here posting, cheering on my team....

    The notion that location has anything to do with fanhood is preposterous....People like that need to get their better fan than thou high horse...


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      Originally posted by RealBronco
      But they still went 11-5 with... CASSEL....and it was still a winning season. This is always my argument for trying to explain to people that Brady is a system QB whereas Manning is not.
      Exactly! I've gotten so much crap for saying Brady is a highly overated system put him in another system on another team and see how many games he wins...Cassel looked good enough to get a big payday in that system then went to the chiefs and stunk like a dead skunk on the side of the road....