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    Originally posted by baphamet View Post
    SB's will not be played in cold weather anymore, sometimes it rains when they are played in a warm weather non dome stadiums like in Miami in 2006 IIRC
    Except for next season when its played at MetLife stadium in NJ..........


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      hew just got rich!!! ...or should I say, richer!


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        Man i hope theres 2 feet of snow, the Airport is closed, and the wind chill of -20!!

        Then I hope its 70 in Denver!
        sigpicoh YEAH?


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          Originally posted by 86Elwayfan View Post
          Being a Denver resident I can say with great confidence that it is rarely that cold here. As a matter of fact the 2 weeks after the playoff game we hit 65 here twice.
          That maybe true, but its about perception, and that game gave a bad perception of Denver, 2 weeks ago it was 60 (when the Ravens were playing in NE) while it was freezing and snowing in NJ, Schlereth made a point that it was just the wrong day for Denver to have national attention when they are trying to fight for a SB.

          People didnt want the DNC there in July because they thought it would be cold. The only way they can get people to change their mind about holding that event is if perception changed. After that game most peoples perception of Denver was they wouldnt want to be their standing around in the open air during winter
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            Originally posted by GoManning View Post
            The r word is probably part of his vocabulary if it comes out freely.

            Grown adults shouldn't be calling things "retarded".
            "Retarded" is properly used to describe anything that is slow or backward.

            The stigma attached to it doesn't change the words proper use.
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              I hope Von Miller rips this guys head off when we play them next year!!! If New Jersey can host a SB then Denver can too.
              What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger


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                Joe Flacco is nothing. He had a good rookie season and a great run in the playoffs this season....other than that, the guy has been mediocre to below average the rest of his career. It makes me laugh uncontrollably when these idiots on TV all think he's "elite" now that he won a SB. Trent Dilfer won a SB...did that make him elite? Brad Johnson won a SB did that make him elite? NO!!! Some of these guys on TV are the biggest BS-slingers I've ever seen.

                Now the TV-talking-turds are saying Flaco is going to get a contract that will make him a top-5 paid QB. Ozzie and the Ravens ownership would be absolute fools to do this. I see Flacco as another Mark Rypien. Rypien was a marginal QB at best, had a career year in '91 & won a SB, got a HUGE contract the next season, went back to playing crappy and was out of DC in a couple years. Rypien made the Redskins mgmt and ownership look like total fools for giving him such a big contract.

                Every athlete can point to one year on their career history and say that was my pinnacle. Flacco had his pinnacle in the 2013 playoffs. He's not a good enough QB to keep his hot-streak going and I predict the rest of his career will go back to being mediocre to below average. You cant change a zebra's stripes.

                If I was Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens owner, I'd give Flacco a big signing-bonus as a thank you for winning a SB, playing great in the 2013 playoffs and bringing another Lombardi to Baltimore...but I'd give him a mediocre sized contract, because Joe Flacco has been a mediocre QB for most of his career.
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                  Originally posted by Axemaster View Post
                  Calling out Denver , as being a RETARDED idea for a location for a Super Bolw? REALLY??? If I didn't know any better, I would say this HIGHLY OVERATED CLOWN has been drinking whatever that OTHER loser Ray Lewis has been Chuggin!

                  He has now taken over my Number One spot as most dislike QB currently in the NFL from Phyllis Rivers.

                  I personnally hopethe 49ers beat these crows by 7 TDs!

                  I REALLY hope we get a rematch with this clown in the playoffs again next year!!! No Hail Mary tomfoolery shenannigans will save him I tell ya!

                  ESPN did a Computer study of that game in Denver, the crow lost that game under that senario 97% of the time!!!!!! THATS HOW BIG OF A FLUKE/FRAUD they are!!!!

                  just something to spice up a i could give a rats ass who wins super bowl.
                  Joe is right! Nobody wants to play in the Superbowl in some stupid winter wonderland! I guess your wish about the 49ers winning by 7 TDs didn't happen! Be careful what you wish for, in saying you want us might just get it.

                  Computer simulations & stats don't necessarily mean anything when it comes time to play, it comes down to heart, soul, and determination...who wants it the most! Ask Peyton, then ask Brady, and then ask Kaepernick! lol

                  Go Ravens! Super Bowl Champions!!


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                    Originally posted by redneckrocker View Post
                    I hope Von Miller rips this guys head off when we play them next year!!! If New Jersey can host a SB then Denver can too.
                    ...don't bet it on it! He and Dumerville will do the same thing they did this time, NOTHING, but jump off-sides again to try to get a jump! And get flagged! Stop dreaming!

                    Go Ravens! Superbowl Champions!


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                      Originally posted by shiri2 View Post

                      Computer simulations & stats don't necessarily mean anything when it comes time to play, it comes down to heart, soul, and determination...
                      ...or a misplayed hail mary. Dude take a chill pill and enjoy your SB. I hope your 'E' word quarterback takes you to the cleaners too.