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  • Originally posted by bears6385 View Post
    Please...........if Tebow had any skill he would still be playing in this league. Sometimes you would rather be lucky than good.
    Well the players in the league has never shown Cutler the respect to elect him one of the top 100 players in the league, but lets visit why Tebow does not play;

    1; first and foremost he is difficult to judge - he had substantial short term success, but it did not look sustainable.

    2; He brings out three types of fans
    - the ones that lodes him for his extreme beliefs and forcing it on everyone
    - the ones that loves him for his extreme beliefs and forcing it on everyone
    - the ones that are fascinated by his achievements, drive, demeanor and the way he plays
    and believe that you have to loose games to really fail - not just throw an occasional dirt ball.

    the first type of fans would want the FO fired for bringing Tebow in - and if they played him and he brought anything less than a 10-6 season they would demand heads on sticks.

    The 2nd type would want the FO fired for not playing Tebow no matter how bad he might be.

    In any case it could be career suicide to bring Tebow in and maybe start him if he were to fail. When somebody like Brady Quinn, Blaine Gabbert, Matt Cassel, Kyle Orton.... players that have produced lousy seasons and aside from Cassel never had any success in the league are sought after, Tebow definately should. In 2010/2011 Orton had a 22% total win rate in Denver, and Tebow produced 57% with the same group (except our best receiver).

    Logic says that Tebow should have takers based on his performance - it is the other stuff that is the issue - not his beliefs as some claim but the love/hate that is out there regarding him - very little of that is only about football.

    A coach that wants Tebow and fail with him would be an idiot as half the football world "know" that he would. If they succeded - like in Denver - it would be in spite of Tebow so the coach would get no credit.

    I still subscribe to Jake Plummer's comment - I'd like him more if he hugged his teammates instead of thanking his lord and master, but I would love to see him either fall flat on his face or succeed - 2011 was to promising to just stop cold turkey.
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