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    Originally posted by fallforward3y+ View Post
    LOL! nice post. The part about how they won't notice if you drop dead tomorrow made me chuckle.

    I've been criticized for this before, and it's one of the dumbest things to criticize someone for. I do similar things with players I like, and I've been told that if you like a player "you can wish him success, but you can't take their team as a second team". Lol, you 'can" support any team you want. If someone wants to have one team, fine but if not that's fine too.

    Lot's of reasons to be a fan, lot's of reasons to stop liking a team as well. I used to be a Ravens fan for instance, but lost respect for them when I heard their players say things about bounties on rookie RBs.
    Right. I understand criticizing someone for not having hardcore loyalty to their family, to their country, to their friends, maybe even their jobs (if the company has earned it)... but hardcore loyalty to a team isn't anything special or admirable.

    Ask players how they feel about hardcore loyalty. Anquan Boldin said he'd rather retire than leave the Ravens... and then they go and trade him to the Niners. Ask Peyton Manning how he feels about team loyalty after the way he was tossed away in Indy... or Joe Montana after the Niners gave him to the Chiefs.