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    Originally posted by arapaho View Post
    sure goodell may be promted to impose stronger regulations....but those are not why guys are going low

    they are going low because even with the ability to view all angles of a play....he is still imposeing huge fines on defenders...who didnt intend to hit the head....if you square up and lead with your shoulder...and the rec ducks to brace for the hit or to go under

    how is that the fault of the defender....and if he never intended to...and clips show the receivers movements are the reason he was hit in the head....why fine him?

    if goodell would stick to fining just guys who led with the helmet...or inentionaly targeted the head....i think defenders would be ok

    but he chooses to fine even unintentional or accidental hits

    thats why they go low
    He fines hits that don't even hit the head or neck area lol


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      After watching this video I believe the defender went low because he believed it gave him the best opportunity to make the tackle against such a big receiver. If he had hit the receiver higher, the receiver's momentum may have yielded several more yards.

      Defensive players are in a tough spot as they get paid and are assessed on making tackles-- their primary job. If they do not make them then they are out of a job. I think the league penalties in most cases are just baggage that comes with the job.

      Face mask penalties have been around for years-- yet it seems as if in every game players still do it unintentionally. I think tackling is much the same way in most cases where things just happen and the player is not necessarily calculating how he is going to make the hit for any other reason than to bring the ball-carrier down.


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        Originally posted by kishzilla View Post
        He fines hits that don't even hit the head or neck area lol
        that's my isn't the rule he was forced to implement...its his excessive fines

        even if a guy was flagged for a hit...and the replay shows they led with the shoulder and never hit the helmet

        he fines them because they were flagged

        my point is...if they looked at hits that consist of a def leading with the shoulder, targeting the midsection...and they get flagged because the receiver ducked into the hit creating the h2h...and chose not to fine them

        we wouldn't see these knees be taken out because the defender is forced to go low or loose a big chunk of money

        but he doesn't...he fines every little thing...its not the rule that's the issue, its goodells interpretation of whats finable
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          Even if the high hits were not flagged, DB's would still go low on larger receivers. It has always been that way and always will. If they add a rule to outlaw low hits then get ready for some silly passing numbers. The ONLY way I would be OK with rules like that is if they let the DB's be more physical. THink about it; you cant touch them after 5 yards, cant hit them high, cant hit them low... guys like Gronk will trot into the end zone. It will remind me of Madden 2005 on PS3.
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