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I guess Denver > NE not a good name for Patriots forum.

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    Originally posted by ERoyal248 View Post
    Never said that.

    SD fans bring up the last SD/Den game as if that will happen again if they meet again so wont the same happen with Cin/SD by this logic?
    No because san diego dominated and blew the Broncos out by 7! Its clear Denver cant play with San Diego. The Bengals got luckyn and won by 7!
    So you see its totally different.


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      Originally posted by ERoyal248 View Post
      long time ago.

      2006, AFCCG in Indy.

      Others have been in NE since then.

      no ring no glory your handle is fitting,

      since manning has been in the AFC West, his record vs chargers are 3-1, vs the rest of the division undefeated,

      he had not been able to beat the chargers years past prior to joining the broncos,

      in regards to the last game and second half stat, it is much easier defending the pass game, when they have to abandon the run to keep the game within reach,

      manning's interception, wasnt a bad throw or missed timed, it was a protection issue, blindside, from his LT which made the ball be tipped into the direction of the receiver,

      no excuses, manning should have picked up the pressure,

      but if you want to talk about second halves, do you not remember last year where manning was down 24-0 vs the chargers and put up how many unanswered points,

      or this year where he has always turned it on in the second half, with a few or just one exception