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Anybody catch the NFL Network's 2006 road to the SB last night?

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  • Anybody catch the NFL Network's 2006 road to the SB last night?


    First, they spoke about what I have already described as the 2006 Colts' season-long abysmal run defense.....they were the only team to give up over 100 yards rushing to EVERY opponent!

    Reverend Dungy, aka Saint Anthony, was the only one (dumb enough) to have any faith in their postseason prospects. He ALMOST posted some bulletin board material to rile up his troops. Well, the D stepped up, bigtime, and in their first game of the POs held Larry Johnson to 21 yards rushing. Then, AV saved their bacon in game 2 against the Ravens when Peyton couldn't get them into the end zone.

    Then, against NE, Peyton describes his sick feeling when NE goes ahead 21-3 and he or Saturday said "Anyone (players or fans) who were confident they could turn it around is a liar!" HaHA.

    Peyton then describes watching the catch by Reggie get jarred high up in the air, with four Pats around, and thinking "Oh, no....we can't loose another one like this". Then, after Addai scores and the Colts go ahead, but with the ball in Brady's hands, Peyton (who was on the bench, head bowed, like he couldn't bear to watch) describes how he "maybe" said a little prayer at that point, asking God to let the Colts win "because Tom already has three rings"! He said he remembered the 2004 PO matchup in NE as the worst game of his life....scoring just three points, after a record-setting regular season!

    HaHa......and this guy would like you to believe today is just another game, emotionally.

    Pressure, Baby...... pressure is definitely on!
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    Seems ole Manning rose to the occasion just fine, and Brady gave you another year to make excuses for your team that has gone to the post season for a decade and produced nothing.


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