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How did Seattle get so over-hyped?

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    Originally posted by samparnell View Post
    I like the 1960, the year the American Football League began with the Denver Broncos as one of the Charter members. I hope the numerological significance was intentional on your part.

    I dearly loved the AFL. Did you ever see the series Full Color Football about the AFL? Great show.
    No I never saw that show and yeah, the figure was intentional, as I knew you've been a fan since the beginning. Same with my pop, although I must say that you are the most knowledgeable "fan" I've ever encountered -more like a pro coordinator, really! So I wouldn't expect 99% of any fanbase to keep up with you, let alone the hapless "Coach Pete"! You've got more x's and o's in your left pinkie than that guy and all of his trollish brethren combined!

    You're a real asset to this forum, Sam! :thumb:

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