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    Originally posted by Sean Corey View Post
    Another aspect to winning with an overpowering defense and special teams is field position. A QB like Wilson has more short field possessions to work with therefore will never put up tons of yards because he consistantly has fewer yards to go for a score. When one takes into account FGs Wilson may only need to take the team 20 yards to get into Field goal range when he typically gets the ball near the 50 to start with whereas his opponent usually starts their drive inside their own 20 and must drive at least 50 yards on average even to get within FG range.

    If one charts out the average lengths of the drives for both teams in a typical Seahawk game it is obvious that the Hawks only NEED to drive about half as far as the Hawks opponents to score. Therefore in a Seahawks game gaining half as many yards as our opponent is all that is needed to win.
    While I agree in principal with your premise, I believe that you are exaggerating.

    There is no way on god's green earth that Seattle's average starting position on a drive is the 50-yard line.

    I could believe the 35... maybe.
    "Mike Harden, meet Steve Largent." KA-BOOM!!


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      I chased it down. Source...

      Seattle's average starting position for offensive drives this year was their own 31-yard line... hardly the 50.

      And Denver's was their own 28.3-yard line... only 2.7 yards difference... statistically insignificant as it turns out.
      "Mike Harden, meet Steve Largent." KA-BOOM!!