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    Originally posted by 58Miller View Post
    Hey OKC called and said thanks for the basketball team. Your 3rd largest economy and great fans couldn't keep an nba team but memphis, OKC, Sacramento, Orlando, and Salt Lake City can go figure.
    Wr still have an nba team, two time nhl champion avs, and a baseball team thats actually been to the world series.
    We also still have more Superbowl rings than you chumps and a way more successful franchise overall.
    We have names like Elway, TD, Sharpe, Zimmerman, Atwater, Gradishar, and Floyd Little. You guys have Largent , Cortez Kennedy and the space needle.
    Go drink some coffee, buy some burkenstocks, get in line for a pearl jam concert and try to act like a champion and quit telling everyone about it we know your awesome! Enjoy it while it last.
    Cheers or pinkies up whatever you guys do up there!
    That's some funny stuff right there...