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Over/ Under Manziel's Career In Cleveland

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    Over/Under on how many games Miles Austin plays before going out with a hamstring injury?

    Does 4 games sound reasonable?

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      Originally posted by Joshua2585 View Post
      I actually think he'll do well. I think he'll be impressive his first season out, then have the sophomore dumps, then play decent for the rest of his career.
      I think he'll do ok his first year too. Mobile quarterback can do wonders when your offense sucks. That is, until he gets hurt. It'll be interesting to see how they handle the Brian Hoyer situation. It looks like they are going to have to play Manziel early on. If Hoyer outplays him in the offseason and in preseason, and Manziel struggles early, there could be some grumbling from the fans. I wouldn't underestimate the fact that Hoyer is from Ohio, even though Quinn was as well. I can't speak for Charlie, but they've taken a liking to Hoyer for the most part.

      You have to think, a lot of his evaluation is going to be in comparison to Brandon Weeden. There's a circus around Manziel, but I think he can at least hang with what Weeden did last year.


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        Manziel is a gamer but with a good arm. It'll take just one great play from him and all the Cleveland doubters will flip faster than a politician for votes. I'm excited to watch the guy. We'll see how his body holds up. He will get cheap shots taken at him especially in that division.
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          Originally posted by LSIGRAD09 View Post
          He can't be worse than Tebow, can he?
          No no he can not. He does not seem to be taking being the starting quarterback seriously though he is the next Matt Leinert.

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