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NFCW vs. AFCW schedule - 2014

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    It's the double use of "regular season" that I still don't understand (in your original post that I quoted).

    Should one be "playoffs"?

    Or maybe the answer is in punctuation. (?)
    "Mike Harden, meet Steve Largent." KA-BOOM!!


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      Originally posted by baphamet View Post
      because IMO the broncos and chargers will be better than the chiefs? if it was in Seattle i would think that SD would have a much more difficult time winning but at home? they will have a decent shot.

      Denver has a decent shot at beating you on the road in the regular season as well, it is the regular season after all.

      my question to you is this....what makes you think the chiefs are the biggest threat? i mean, if you don't think Denver or SD are a thereat then KC definitely shouldn't be either.

      like i said, Seattle will lose to either SD or Denver this year if not both of them.
      To be honest, all the stuff that I will point out as the reason will probably end up not effecting the outcome either way. It will probably be something else, or as how the ball bounces it could be the Raiders that top us.

      The reason why I think KC has a better shot is 1 they have a better roster imo than SD and they are playing at home. After the SB. As for the Broncos, I dont think their offseason endevours made up up 35 points and being on the road in the hardest stadium to play in the NFL.


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        Originally posted by 58 broncomaniac View Post
        I agree with Baph San Diego has a decent shot if they get their run game going. I also think Mccoy will continue to get the best out of Rivers, although I think there D is a little suspect. Seattle are now the defending Superbowl champs and their is now the biggest bulls eye on them. I think KC has a chance if and only if Charles just goes off that game. Oakland is a dark horse this year and if their gamble that Schaub regains his confidence than they have a shot at a few upsets this year. And of course I am a Broncos homer, although I do think they have a better team on paper than the Seahawks, so I am going to say we get the start of our revenge, .
        LOL I cant believe anyone around here think this. I also fixed the post for you.


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          Originally posted by hawksfan76 View Post
          LOL I cant believe anyone around here think this. I also fixed the post for you.
          On paper we did have a fairly good team, though when one compares teams on paper they tend to only look at the starters which by the point of the SB had some many scratches through the paper that I think it began to tare. We did not build that team to stay healthy and thats the major issue, we dont know if Ware or Talib are upgrades or if they and other players returning from injury will even be healthy so its hard to say if we made a dent or not.

          Seattle lost some depth which may come back to hurt them in the long run
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