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Top 10 QBs in the NFL

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  • Originally posted by TommyBrady12 View Post
    seattle's blueprint last year was very similar to what new england did in 2001-2004...up and coming quarterback with average receivers and a lights out defense. seattle's D may be better than New england's but the idea was basically the same.
    Seattle is more of a run focused team than the pats were. the pats were a much more balanced attack on offense than the seahawks are. i want to see what happens when the seahawks don't have an elite running back anymore, which may not be for long.

    because after lynch, who do they have for a running back?


    • Originally posted by bronx_2003 View Post
      The only problem I have with the list is there's no way Rivers should be behind Newton or K Nick.... who are both VERY questionable top 10's

      There's no way Rivers or Cam Newton should be included in any top 10 list