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Broncos offense was scared in the Super Bowl

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  • Originally posted by Rancid View Post
    I think you are spot on. NE is going to be tough on defense, but I am not so sure their offense is as capable as it once was and therefore they may struggle this year putting up points.
    Its going to come down to how well those receivers develop and how well those pieces stay healthy. They lack depth in a lot of areas on both sides of the ball and have a tendency to sacrifice the pass for the run or visa versa on both sides of the ball.
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      • Originally posted by Field View Post
        I think now with Revis and Browner both healthy and Devin McCourty and Duron Harmon in his second year added with the great depth at CB with Logan Ryans and Alfonzo Dennard that New England's secondary is right up there with Seattle.

        In my opinion, a healthy Revis is the league's best CB > Richard Sherman
        Brandon Browner, an underrated player, says Sherman himself to me is better and more physical then Maxwell
        Devin McCourty maynot have Earl Thomas's physicality skills but range, ball skills and center field ability is on par
        The only wildcard is Kam Chancellor but Duron Harmon in his second year, the smart kid can ball.. so NE's secondary can and will give Denver the same fits this year.... and lets not forget that front 7 returning to health, drafting a beast hybrid pass rushing lineman and top tier linebacking corps.
        Here's my question: does New England have enough of a pass rush to utilize how good their secondary appears on paper? Because even the best secondary in the world is going to get picked apart if the QB has 4-5 seconds on every play. I'm also not sure about Browner's fit in this D, in Seattle he played on the right side in a mostly zone scheme that had him playing mostly cover 2 and cover 3. Revis travels all over the field and is best in man to man coverage, frankly he's wasted in zone coverage which is why TB let him go. Will NE play one or the other? Will they go to a cut coverage with zone on Browner's side and man on Revis' side? If they can figure those two things out they should be pretty good on D this year, but those are definite question marks.