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Peyton Good, Eli Most Clutch, Brady is the Big Choker

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    Originally posted by allthings18 View Post
    Anyone that attempts to discredit Manning or Brady is simply ignorant.
    Unless it's in smack, then it's like watching two turtles in a cage fight.....
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      If you just set aside stats and ask yourself this question...

      Was Rivers one of the best QBs of his era?

      Rivers has been a starter since 2006.

      Since 2006, QBs consistently better than Rivers have been Manning, Brady, Brees, and Rodgers.

      At this point I believe that he's on the outside looking in.
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        Originally posted by baphamet View Post
        rivers isn't retired yet, is he? it's not like he is peyton manning on the last leg of his career, he still has a lot of football left in him and when he does hang em up he will likely be top 10 all time in yards and TD's.

        but do try to explain to me why rivers doesn't belong to be mentioned in the same breath as fouts? rivers actually wins more than fouts did and puts up better numbers lol

        fouts had some bad years as well. fouts threw for more than 20 int's five different times in his career, rivers has only done that once. in the two bad years for rivers he threw 15 int's and 20

        rivers will also likely surpass fouts in wins this year with a good 4-6 years left in him.

        nevermind the fact fouts is in the HOF, set that aside and actually compare their careers and they have been pretty similar in terms of success and production at their positions.

        the only difference is the era's they played in and i don't believe their QB record should have much of an impact in that argument anyways.

        i am not saying rivers career right now is better than fouts was but i do think you can compare them so far (and especially by the time rivers is done in the league). IMO it's the best comparison you can make, also considering they played for the same team.
        Rivers has better stats than Montana. Does that mean he's better? Different era's of football are tough to compare.


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          Originally posted by ERoyal248 View Post
          Yet NE fans use the Brady/Manning head to head when most of the games have been in Foxboro.

          Think it's like 11-12 home games for Brady, 5 for Manning.

          Very even.
          Peyton vs Brady
          8 away games (@ Foxb.) - 2 W, 6 L
          6 home games - 3 W, 3 L

          You will need another excuse...


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            How can Brady be a choker when he has 3 rings, and THE MOST Playoff wins in NFL history by a quarterback along with being top 10 in comebacks and game winning drives all-time? Explain that?