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    Originally posted by RolandDeschain View Post

    Saw this coming. Everybody explained away Peterson having far lesser stats than Richard Sherman as being because he lined up with the #1 WR from the other team all the time. (Even though he actually only did that 2/3rds of the time anyway.)

    People love to hate Richard Sherman, and I understand why, but these two guys aren't in the same class at all. Sherman is superior. Guess what? Peterson hasn't been tailing the #1 WR this year. He has been playing LCB (same exact spot as Sherman) every single game except the one against Denver where he played RCB.

    Peterson has allowed 17 completions on 27 targets for a 63% completion percentage and Sherman has allowed 10 completions on 20 targets for a 50% completion percentage, but whereas Sherman has allowed one TD, Peterson has allowed four.

    Sherman's stats and all-around performance aren't up to last year's standards right now, though they are still very good. Much of this can be explained by having faced, through five games, Rodgers, Rivers, Peyton, and Romo, however. Now that we've gone through a murderer's row of passers, I'm sure he'll allow even fewer completions going forward through the rest of the season.

    Random side note: I'm really wondering why the Seahawks aren't doing bump-and-run coverage this year at all...I don't like that we've gone away from that.
    Why are you here with that? If you're in the mood for some good smack talk, how about making that same argument about Sherman being better....than a Bronco CB. Start a new thread saying Sherman is better than Bailey was, bet you'll light a fire under our keisters and have a great time with the hell you get for saying so. Hope that helps....