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    Originally posted by ERoyal248 View Post
    Might not, but you still have to beat that defense to go through them and when motivated/healthy that's still a difficult challenge.

    Although as I said it's much easier to defend them now without Harvin and Tate is gone who is crazy underrated imo.

    I actually like the move for the Jets if it's only a conditional 6th, not much risk. Not a season-changer or anything but should help some.
    Seahawks had been reportedly shopping Harvin for weeks.. apparently punched Baldwin this season and took himself out of the Dallas game.

    I have ZERO faith the Jets can control Percy. Pete Carroll is a better coach, a winning team, and a better system. There is nothing that leads me to believe Jets can control Harvin.

    What kind of veteran leadership do they have in the locker room.. Mangold and Ferguson? Mike Vick says he doesn't want to play in NY and doesn't prepare. Geno misses meetings. I don't see how this move helps either the Jets or Harvin. This has train wreck written all over it.

    As far as no risk, Harvin is reported as the type of guy that can single handily destroy a team and locker room. Not much risk because the Jets are bad, but Harvin could make everything much worse. Could be the straw that gets Rex fired... and its not like Harvin is producing either. He is a gimmick weapon/role player and will never be a featured weapon in a teams offense. OVERRATED.
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      i guess what suprised me is bevell coached him in minnesota so i dont get why hr thought percy would be different un seattle.

      you can have all the talent in the world but if you have a caustic peronality it will come back to bite you...
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        Originally posted by onanygivensunda View Post
        The trade surprised the hell out of me but there is a lot surfacing now about his anger management issues and the fights/arguments that he has had with teammates since joining Seattle.

        A lot of people are saying that getting rid of Harvin will facilitate Seattle getting back to their run-first identity, which sounds as a good thing to me.

        Good riddance, Percy.
        Probably all the weed he smoked to relieve his migraines, hes probably paranoid and prone to anger easily (some bad signs).

        Funny how all the things that came out about Tate that were denied by the seahawks are coming out about Harvin. Doughnut boy should have remained a Seahawk and they should have gotten rid of Harvin sooner. This may be a mistake now they have neither of them and 2 rookies replacing them
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          As the shocking trade of Percy Harvin to the Jets continues to dominate the NFL news cycle, reports from Seattle indicate that the Seahawks simply decided they couldn’t tolerate Harvin’s misbehavior, which included multiple fights with teammates and a refusal to play late in Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys.
          fighting with teamates is one thing, certain coaches like the fire in their players. but when you take yourself out of the game and refuse to play? that will get you kicked off a team real quick.

          i like how they ruin his career by trading him to a garbage team like the jets, well played seahawks.......well played! :thumb:


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            What's even more interesting and really quite hilarious is the fact that the Seahawks contacted the Broncos about trading Harvin for Julius Thomas. .


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              Originally posted by dandaman23 View Post
              What's even more interesting and really quite hilarious is the fact that the Seahawks contacted the Broncos about trading Harvin for Julius Thomas. .
              From the Draft thread the reaction of the Broncos for that trade
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