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Whats your excuse Denver? Injuries, Cold Weather, High Winds, Noise?

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  • Originally posted by Jermz79 View Post
    I cannot believe that I am actually agreeing with a Dolts fan but you have hit it on the head, everyone is trying to pin this loss on the Defense for some odd freakin reason and I cannot for the life of me figure out why?

    Manning looked like a deer in headlights out there last night and his 4 interceptions prove it, I'm beginning to seriously believe that there is something wrong with him and the team is not eluding to the issue and they are just letting him ride it out. His passes are off the mark ALL the time, his short passes are as wobbly as an unbalanced tire and his long passes have been overthrown by 10+ yards. If you watch his throwing mechanics they are off, he is compensating for something by having to put his whole body into a throw and it's causing him major issues.

    I can admit all of this because I am a Broncos fan and not a Manning worshiper ... the guy is done and it cannot come soon enough! I will take a medicore team over the anticipation and let down that Manning has given us over the last 3 years .... 13-3 seasons, record setting performances, playoff meltdowns and a Superbowl STOMPING!!!
    Yes but not only did he look like a deer in headlights he also looked like he got into a train wreck and woke in a stupor.

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    Sorry Denver Haters...I've been on an extended business trip....:thumb:


    • Considering the fact that in a complete season Cincy hasnt filled that small pathetic stadium in 7 years while weve packed our much larger house 4 of the last 7 years and still have the record for most sold out games Ild say we all know who the real pathetic fan base here is. You average 16,000 less fans per game then us and youve been atop the North for a while your fans still dont show up, heck Clevleand gets bigger crowds. The chargers have excuses why they dont show up yet some how they still manage to get on average more fans every year into there crappy stadium so yes the Bungles are lower then the Chargers enjoy another 1 and done season in the playoffs we wont be seeing you in the 2nd round

      P.S. sorry for feeding the pathetic troll of a second rate fanbase
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      • Originally posted by NoRingNoGlory View Post
        Why doesn't Elway get any of this? Did he think he could sign up Manning in his old age borderlining retirement and just toss him out there to the wolves? Manning obviously requires twice the amount of protection compared to other QBs in the league. He is definitely the worst QB when under duress. At his age no Oline will ever be good enough and so this is the main excuse cry when things go awry or as the British would say "wonky".
        You do Remember what Rivers looked like 2 season ago?lol Of course you do. Now lets look at Mannings stats this year and compare them.
        Originally posted by baphamet
        are you talking career or right now? because i don't see how you can say manning is top 5 even healthy.dude will never be a top 5 QB again, he is done.