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hey kish! got a question for ya lil fella.....

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    Originally posted by baphamet View Post
    look, i'm not saying the raiders are going to win. but i don't agree they are one of the worst teams, especially with the way they have been playing down the stretch.

    i also don't think the broncos are done, even if they lose to the raiders. they are a good team they just need to rely on the run game to win at this point because manning is starting to implode at the end of his career, which is inevitable.

    the broncos now live and die through the running game and defense if they want to go to the SB, winning on the shoulders of manning isn't going to work anymore, at least not on a consistent basis IMO.
    The Raiders have faced one of the toughest schedules in the NFL
    Patriots 12-3
    Seattle 11-4
    Denver 11-4
    Cardinals 11-4
    @ Chargers 9-6
    Chargers 9-6
    @ Chiefs 8-7
    Chiefs 8-7
    Texans 8-7
    Bills 8-7
    Dolphins 8-7
    11 games vs above 500 teams and 1 more this week.