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    Originally posted by Spice 1 View Post
    I think it was Burfict who said that it was a great acting job. Idk if it was an all out acting job, but it makes you wonder. Kind of hard to put on a spontaneous act that convincingly. Should replace Will Smith in every movie going forward if that's the case. He could have stayed on the ground longer, though. Don't see any way he flopped on the hit, though. That was brutal.
    nah man all you have to do is watch the play and see how his body flops to the ground, doesn't look fake in the slightest to me plus he did get hit in the head.


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      Originally posted by fore2213 View Post
      Love so many bronco fans are here saying "good, Pitts QB and top receiver are hurt, now we have a chance"....... Of course we already knew you need better teams to be injured for you to have a chance!!'n
      Except that no where in this whole thread did that happen...derp!in Fact it was the exact opposite
      Originally posted by qbronco View Post
      Wrong as usual, Baps. I want the Squeelers as healthy as possible. No excuses. To be the best, you have to beat the best. Unless you're the Pats. To them to beat the best...well....cheat!
      Originally posted by Beagle View Post
      For being undisciplined idiots.

      I wanted this rematch and i hope Big Ben is okay so pats fans wont cry too much when we win(Steelers fans wont we already know this).

      Kansas City is going blow the Pats out.

      Sounds like something Pats fans would say...oh wait you just did
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      Originally posted by baphamet
      are you talking career or right now? because i don't see how you can say manning is top 5 even healthy.dude will never be a top 5 QB again, he is done.