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    Originally posted by Butler By'Note View Post
    Hold on, lets not rewrite history, 2004 was a complete surprise, that team wasn't expected to be good. They had the first overall pick in the 2004 draft (what became Rivers), they were expected to take a step forward but weren't expected to be as good as they were. In fact going into the season almost everyone, including the Chargers, were writing Drew Brees off as a wasted pick that never panned out.

    2005 was a young team that had a break through the year before taking a step back, not uncommon for young teams that suddenly burst onto the scene.

    2006 they were the best team in football, but two things happened: 1. They ran into the law of averages, after winning 10 in a row, you're just due for a loss. It's inevitable. Plus long winning streaks help sweep things you're doing poorly under the rug, you tend to brush them off because you're winning. If the Chargers had lost one late in the season I think they win the Super Bowl. 2. They had two players who made critical mistakes at the end of the game. Marlon McCree picks off the pass and then tries to run it back, fumbling in the process. If he secures the ball and goes down in the field, it's game over. And of course a very good kicker missed the tying FG attempt, leaving it short, 54 yards should be makable for an NFL FG kicker.

    Teams often learn from failure, if the Chargers keep Schottenheimer that 2007 team doesn't fall short, assuming Rivers isn't injured...but the entire season would have played out differently with him as HC, IMO.
    Shortly there after they fired Marty Schottenheimer, the Broncos fired Mike Shanahan. Dick Vermiel is out of Kansas City by that point in time and well we all know what Oakland was like back in those days.

    Th AFC West could've been a cakewalk for Marty Schottenheimer and the San Diego chargers in the years following the 2008 season.

    I disagree with baphs statement that they wouldn't have won under Schottenheimer but I do agree with you that had Schottenheimer stuck around, all other AFC teams would have had to go through San Diego on their way to the Super Bowl.

    It is just cruel fate and I can see where baph has a hard time accepting it. I mean if he tells himself that they would not have won with Schottenheimer at the helm I guess it makes it easier to accept the fact that they fell so far below mediocrity following those brilliant seasons under Schottenheimer.


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      After this weekend, I can honestly say, this is the closest I've ever come to feeling sorry for Charger's fans.
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